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The evaluation of the energetic correlations of each body is fundamental for a personalized treatment
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e-book Interactive atlas of all EAV measuring points
     a reference and study book More
        - Edition for practitioners and students Sample
                              Student discount: 50%
        - Teacher and researcher edition Sample


89.- CHF (sFr)
44.- CHF (sFr)
129.- CHF (sFr)

e-book The routine measuring points
     a short version Sample


 22.- CHF (sFr)

Electronic version of the Periodic System of EAV
     for practice documentation More


 25.- CHF (sFr)

EAV differential diagnostic compendium
     for detecting the causes of specific symptoms More


 35.- CHF (sFr)

Discount for the packet of three: 20501 a/aS/b + 20502 + 20503   

20504 a/aS/b


Reminder first EAV consultation
     for patients speaking different languages More


10.- CHF (sFr)

Especially for researchers: statistics version More   on inquiry

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